The Agenda

We are developing solutions which aim to reconcile the existing forms and institutions of related ideation, governance, and public thinking in general with the novel influences of the Fourth Industrial Revolution [4IR].

Our online solutions will change the way policy ideas are prepared, discussed, and approved. | mobile phone app | ~ March 2020

Excellent ideas are lost every day due to neglect and lack of resources. MindDepo enables anyone to quickly navigate, jot down, securely save, and smartly share their fledgling ideas via various social media and select collaboration platforms. | collaborative platform | ~ August 2020

IdeaAtlas is dedicated to digitizing public thinking for the Information Age. With the assistance of this versatile platform new solutions and best practices can be identified by means of a step-by-step, safe, and truly rewarding co-development process. IdeaAtlas makes it very simple to import, share, and co-develop your novel ideas.

The Purpose

As a new business we seek not to disrupt what works, but to help improve it. Our chief purpose is to enable the existing, legitimate actors to perform even better at what they are meant to do.

No compromise, no subversive agenda, no partisan pressure, and no data abuse.

The Founders

We work with many stakeholders, expert advisers, curious academics, frank mentors, interested investors, fellow start-ups, good friends, and 15+ colleagues.

(However, some of us have more time for taking photos than others.)

Miklós K. Lázár

Founder & CEO

Foreign & industrial policy researcher

Prefers Tolstoy to small talk.

Zsófia Lázár

Co-founder & COO

Politics expert & academic project manager

Passionate about smart solutions.

Ferenc E. Mózes

Co-founder & CBDO

Engineer & scientist

IT systems enthusiast with a keen interest in building a safer world.

Join us

Business contacts and speculative Résumés welcome.